Let’s build houses to insects!

Last Wednesday during their visit to ecoparke, our students from the Howard Gardner, elementary school section of 5th and 6th grade, crafted insect hotels. The same ones that were located in different points of Ecoparke so that they can protect themselves and reproduce, helping the pollination of our flowers and biological control to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. 🐞 🐜

An educational visit to Ecoparke by Elementary Howard Gardner

🍃 Contact with nature allows our students a closer view of the reality of what is reviewed in the classroom.
Elementary school students had fun learning during their visit to Ecoparke where they were in contact with various animals.🍃

Learning the importance of conservation of endemic species

During their visit to Ecopark, students from Howard Gardner 5th and 6th grade of the elementary school made their tour in the various stations, at the same time, they received talks about the importance of conservation of endemic species in our region.

Spending time with our friends of Ecopark

Nothing becomes real until it is experienced.
On January 17, our students from 1st to 4th grade enjoyed the experience of being close to the farm animals during their visit to ecoparke.

Hoteles para insectos elaborados por primaria baja

El pasado martes en su visita a Ecoparke, nuestros alumnos del Colegio Howard Gardner, sección primaria de 1° a 4°, elaboraron hoteles de insectos. Estos fueron ubicados en diferentes puntos para que estos animalitos puedan resguardarse y reproducirse, ayudando a la polinización de nuestras flores y control biológico para mantener el equilibrio del ecosistema. 🐞 🐜